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Joke # 7: Answer Key for Level 1
Current technology makes it extremely difficult to draw lines, etc. from word to word in web documents. In Level One, I have therefore indicated words modified by prepositional phrases in following brackets. These brackets will be deleted in the answer keys to subsequent levels.
     Two men, members {of a religious order} [Adjective to 

"members"], wanted to smoke while walking {in the garden}

[Adverb to either "wanted" or "to smoke"]. They agreed that each 

would ask his superior {for permission} [Adverb to "ask"].

     The first one returned to find the second one smoking

and complained indignantly: "I was refused!"

     "What did you ask?" inquired the second one.

     "I asked if I could smoke while meditating."

     "Oh," said the other, blowing his smoke reflectively, "I 

asked if I could meditate while smoking!"

Baude's Handbook of Humor for All Occasions
Compiled by Jacob M. Braude. 
Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1958. p. 166

Total Words = 73 Words %
L1: In Prep Phrases  9  12

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