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      The levels of the KISS approach consist of instructional material and short passages which you are to analyze. You should work your way through a passage, sentence by sentence, following the directions for the Level you are on. The same passages are used at each level, so you will eventually be able to see how all the words in any passage fit. But to discourage you from looking ahead, each level has its own menu. And to discourage you from simply looking at the answer keys, you need to return to this level to get to the answer keys after you have done an exercise.

Don't forget that you can test yourself and you should have mastered one level before you begin the next!

A note on noting your progress.

Level 1: Prepositional Phrases Exercises Answer Keys
Level 2: S / V / C Patterns Exercises Answer Keys
Level 3: Clauses Exercises Answer Keys
Level 4: Verbals Exercises Answer Keys
Level 5: The Eight Additional Exercises Answer Keys

This border is based on
Marc Chagall's
(Russian 1887-1985)
For Vava
[He just spelled it wrong. ;)]
1955, Gouache on paper, Collection of Mdm. V. Chagall 
from Jim's Fine Art Collection
[for educational use only]
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