Why I Like KISS Grammar

One reason I like KISS Grammar is that I like finding prepositional phrases.
I like finding the other stuff, too.
I like that the lessons are not long.
I like that the sentences come from a story.
I am glad that you teach the lessons, not my mom!
And the instructions are not long, and usually the same.
I like that I feel smarter than I used to feel about grammar
I learn from my mistakes instead of just getting it wrong.
I like that you say that I am expected to make mistakes.
I LOVE the illustrations.
And at the end of the day I feel a lot smarter.

Dione, fourth grade 

Why I Like KISS Grammar
I like KISS Grammar because . . . 
I like the challenge of the exercises. 
I donít have to memorize the definitions. 
I get a great feeling when I get something right.
I like the way the workbook is set up.
Prepositional phrases are my FAVORITE thing to find.
I like how the exercises are different and sometimes 
          there is a game to play.
I like how the lessons are short.
I donít have to listen to my mom explain something forever, 
          I just look at the instructions.
I get to do the work instead of hearing other people talk 
          about the work.
Dominique, 6th Grade