Dr. Edward Vavra
e-mail: evavra@kissgrammar.org
Teaching Experience

Thirty-six years, including Freshman Composition, remedial writing, advanced essay, grammar for teachers, Speech, Russian, Continental Literature, Russian/ Soviet Novel, Word-Processing, Using an Integrated Computer Program, Desk-top Publishing.


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Work History

    Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Pennsylvania College of Technology, 1990-2017
    Associate Professor, Shenandoah College, 1985-1990.
    Assistant Professor, Shenandoah College, 1976-85.
    Director of Financial Aid, Shenandoah College, 1983-4.
    Ph.D. (75) Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. (Russian Language and Literature)
    M.A. (74) Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. (Russian Language and Literature)
    B.A. (67) SUNY, Binghamton. (Russian Language and Literature)
Developer: The KISS Grammar Curriculum

Workshops & Conference Papers

    "Sea of Faith; Land of Doubt: Arnold’s ‘Dover Beach,’ Sesame Street, and the SAT," Conference 88 on Critical Thinking, Newport News, VA. April 7, 1988.

    "Remedial/Developmental English and the American Fallacy," April 29, 1987. NYCLSA, Rochester, NY.

    "The Syntax of Thinking," Conference 87 on Critical Thinking, Newport News, VA. April 8, 1987.

    "Searching for a Pedagogical Syntax," Veal Seminar, NCTE Spring Conf., Louisville, KY. March 26, 1987.

    "Teaching Syntax, Teaching Thinking," Delaware Valley Writing Conf., West Chester, PA. March 1, 1986.

    Russian, French, Italian, and German, from strongest to weakest.
    Syntax in the Schools, a newsletter for English teachers, 1984-1999.
    "The Sequential, Syntactic, Remedial Tutorial." ED 263 594. (Paper presented at 7th Conference, East Central Writing Centers Assoc., Gannon University, May 85.)

    "A New Method and Curriculum for Teaching Writing and Grammar," ED 277 003. (Paper presented at 10th Conference of Society of Educators & Scholars, Oct 85, Edward Williams College.

    Created CAOW, a computerized version of Art Whimbey's Analyse, Organize, Write.
    Taught "Desk-top Publishing" (COM 341, primarily PageMaker).
    Taught "Word-Processing" (COM 155, Word Perfect).
    Taught "Using an Integrated Computer System" (COM 342. primarily with Microsoft Works).
    Taught "Animated Computer Graphics" (COM 362, using GRASP)
    Required students to use word-processing for all papers (including Freshmen composition, and make my comments on the disk copies of students’ papers, which they then revise.
    National Council of Teachers of English, 1983-2003;
    Association of Teachers of English Grammar (Treasurer, and editor of newsletter), 1990-2003;
    Writing Program Administrators of Virginia, 1986-1990;
    Virginia Council on English Education, 1987-1990;
    Society of Educators and Scholars, 1985-88;
    Modern Language Association, 1976-86;
    American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages, 1976-83.