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Joke # 7
Answer Key for Level 4
     Verbals are in 18-point bold, usually blue, with their functions indicated after them. (I can't easily draw boxes, ovals, and arrows on web documents.)  Other words counted in relation to them (such as conjunctions, complements, etc.) are also in 18-point bold. The font size of words aleady analyzed has been decreased. Words which remain to be analyzed are still in 14-point black

Spaces Missing between Words? (Click here for an explanation.)

        Two men, members {of a religious order}, wanted to smoke

(Inf - DO of "wanted") [while walking {in the garden}.]  /  They agreed 

[that each would ask his superior {for permission}.]  /

     The first one returned to find (Inf - Adverb (result) to 

"returned") the second one smoking (Gerundive to "one"Note #1)

and complained indignantly: ["I was refused!"] /

     ["What did you ask?"] inquired the second one. /

     "I asked [if I could smoke [while meditating."]] /

     "Oh," [said the other, blowing (Gerundive to "other") his

smoke (DO of "blowing") reflectively,] "I asked [if I could 

meditate [while smoking!"]] /

Baude's Handbook of Humor for All Occasions
Compiled by Jacob M. Braude. 
Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1958. p. 166.


1. You could consider "one" as the DO of "find" and "smoking" as a gerundive to "one," as I have here, but I'll give an explanation that I like better in Level Five.

Total Words = 73 Words %
L1: In Prep Phrases  9  12
L1: + Adj & Adverbs 12 29
+ L2: S / V / C 33 74
+ L3: Clauses 9 86
+ L4: Verbals 7 96

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