Sept. 9, 2019
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Free Instructional Materials

     Many of the documents on this site are now being made in MS Word. If you do not have MS Word (or a program that can open these documents), go to the Microsoft site where you can get a free reader that will let you open and print them, or you might want to find and try the free "Open Office" software on the web. If you take a students' book, please also take the teachers' "AK" books. If you don't, you may find that both books have changed.

School of Athens
Detail of Plato & Aristotle
1511, Fresco
Stanza della Signatura
Vatican Palace, Rome 
The Codes for the Teachers' Answer Keys
     There have been a few minor changes in the codes, but this guide will help you understand a complete KISS analysis for all the exercises so that you can be ahead of your students and answer the majority of their questions.
The "Master Collection of KISS Exercises"
     When I was making the "Grade-Level" workbooks (in html) I put all the exercises in the collection. There are numerous exercises on all KISS materials here, and you may want to use some of them in place of, or in addition to, the exercises in the sequence you chose to use.
The Multi-Year Sequences


The  "Start in Grade" Sequence

     Almost all KISS exercises are made from sentences from real texts. A major difference of this sequence will be that each book for each level will have companion books for reading a writing comparable to those for the one year sequence "For Upper Primary and Lower Middle School" described below.

KISS Reader for Writing
Suggestions for Teachers
The "Grade-Level" workbooks


An "Ideal" Sequence for
KISS across Grade Levels


For high school or college composition courses:
 KISS Grammar in One Year or Semester [AK]


An Earlier One-Year Design for Middle School
    In 2013 I responded to a request for a one-year design for middle school. I made it entirely in html format. Vicki contributed a MS Word version of the students' version. To get them, click here.
 The Free, Self-Paced KISS Grammar Course
    In 2004, I was asked by a teacher for a design that would enable teachers to understand and teach clauses. I'm not happy with the organization of the exercises, and it is in htm format. But if you want to consider it, click here.